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EPOXI Closes in on Hartley 2…

EPOXI & Hartley 2

As NASA’s EPOXI creeps closer to Hartley 2 at a rate of 7.8 miles per second it will come within 434 miles of comet Hartley 2 on November 4th at 10:01 a.m. EDT or 7:01 a.m. PDT. This will be the 5th time a comet has been photographed up close!

Image credit:NASA/JPL-Caltech


Comet Hartley 2 is Here!

Hartley 2 will be 11 million miles from Earth on October 20 at noon(PDT) or 3p.m (EDT). On October 20, Hartley 2 will be closer than it has ever been since it was discovered in 1986 by Australian astronomer Malcolm Hartley. Also, on November 4th, EPOXI will come within 435 miles of the comet.Hartley 2